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The divine resonance that connects with pure consciousness


MOZART GST is  a special sound source developed by combining a high-frequency Mozart music supervised by Dr. Haruhisa Wago and super-speed listening affirmations.

Utilizing this special sound source method has been shown to have the effect of suppressing the brain's fear circuits and the amygdala, reducing emotional stress, and promoting metabolism.

We also conduct human clinical trials in collaboration with UNI H&H Institute and medical institutions/organizations.

The secretion of the love hormone oxytocin has been confirmed and is scientifically based.

This is a special sound source that has established evidence.

Agency for Cultural Affairs Copyright Registration No. 37394-1


Oxytocin is said to be the strongest love hormone, and from a microscopic perspective, it has been suggested that it acts to regulate the autonomic nervous system, suppress stress in the amygdala, and act on mitochondria to promote metabolism.

From a macro perspective, it is also said to be a hormone that connects to the network of the consciousness of society as a whole, and is attracting attention as the key to pure consciousness that connects to all things.

MOZART GSTの紹介・説明動画をご覧いただけます

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June 2024
Dr. Haruhisa Wago will present his research at the Japan Society for Clinical Music Research, where he will serve as chairman.


January 2024
Press release issued as a music CD sales model

July 2023
​The paper(original article) on human clinical trials of oxytocin by GST's research team has been accepted by the Indian Science Journal (IF8.2).

Application of GST

We are looking for business partners who can collaborate with GST and create new things together.

Yoga and Meditation


Program Development

for prevention of pre-symptomatic illness, and self-care

Application in Integrative Medicine Clinic/Acupuncture Clinic, Osteopathic clinic, beauty salon, gym fitness, nursing care and welfare, etc.

Toy brain


Development of improvement programs

for non-cognitive abilities and resilience

For application in schools, kindergartens, free schools,

cram schools, etc.

vinyl house


Application and Program Development

for food, agriculture and livestock

Applications in

Indoor agriculture, natural agriculture, livestock farming, etc.

Our GST Sound Source

We have developed six types of sound sources for different purposes.


Stop Addiction

This is a sound source for preventing addiction, including quitting smoking and drinking.

The aim is to help you break free from addiction without any effort or conscious effort.


Health & Happiness

This is a sound source aimed at improving sleep, mental health, and preventing illness.

It subconsciously guides you towards overcoming all odds and bringing about abundant fruition and desired results.

Gym Fitness

Weight Control

This is a sound source for achieving ideal weight management and harmony of mind and body.

You will unconsciously and effortlessly achieve the ideal balance of mind and body.

Successful girl

Great Success

This is a sound source that will strengthen your successful mindset and create a millionaire's brain.

It rewrites your unconscious self-image that you can't do it.

During study

Super Brain

This is an audio source that will enhance your learning effectiveness in order to improve your grades and develop your skills.

It contains affirmations that unconsciously increase your motivation to learn .

Drawing on the board

Psycho Vision

This is a sound source that strengthens the entrepreneurial mindset and foresight to realize the future you envision. It will subconsciously improve your next choice.


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Original Papers

Regarding the effects of GST, a human clinical trial of oxytocin has been published as an original paper in a scientific journal (IF8.2) after being reviewed by a third-party research institution.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner

Case studies

Research reports have shown that GST suppresses fear circuits through fMRI analysis of the brain.

About OEM


ESP VIRGIN Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of special sound sources but does not sell any products.

We are looking for collaboration partners with the aim of creating new businesses that combine our unique technology.

It is possible to create completely original sound sources specializing in each field and sell them on an OEM basis.

Copyright, articles, clinical data, and trademarks (GST) are available for use.



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