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Original Article

The effect of MOZART GST on the secretion of oxytocin

Yuki Ueda *

UNI H&H Graduate School, Japan.

International Journal of Science and Research Archive​

We verified whether MOZART GST acts on the amygdala through spinal reflexes, causing oxytocin to be secreted from the hypothalamus and posterior pituitary gland . According to Dr. Norio Takahashi, a world authority on the altruistic hormone oxytocin and professor emeritus at the Medical College of Wisconsin, when oxytocin is secreted, the activity level of the parietal association area (posterior superior parietal lobe), which judges the distinction between self and others, decreases, and it is believed that a state of enlightenment is reached in which one distinguishes oneself from others.

Oxytocin is also understood to switch on positive genes (such as longevity genes), and we believe that positive thoughts become positive words, which are the key to turning them into positive behavioral habits.

Under the supervision of Dr. Toku Takahashi of the Toku Integrated Medical Clinic , saliva samples were collected from 10 subjects (5 men and 5 women) before and after listening to MOZART GST, and the changes in oxytocin concentration (in picograms) were examined.

The subjects were divided into two groups: five who regularly listened to MOZART GST and five who had never listened to it. Of the ten subjects, an increase in oxytocin levels was confirmed in seven, and this has been published as statistically significant evidence.

All five people who regularly listen to MOZART GST saw their scores increase, and the rate of increase was significantly higher.

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