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If you are considering OEM, please contact ESP VIRGIN Co., Ltd.
By combining a selection of Mozart's music with special sound sources, we will take full responsibility for creating custom-made sound sources, proposing designs, and even manufacturing and sales.

Our special sound source

Stop Addiction

This is a sound source for preventing addiction, including quitting smoking and drinking.

This is aimed to help you break free from addiction without any effort or conscious effort.


Health & Happiness

This is a sound source aimed at improving sleep, mental health, and preventing illness.

It overcomes everything and unconsciously guides you towards abundant fruition and desired results.

Gym Fitness

Weight Control

This is a sound source for achieving ideal weight management and harmony of mind and body.

You will unconsciously and effortlessly achieve the ideal balance of mind and body.

Successful girl

Great Success

This is a sound source that will strengthen your successful mindset and create a millionaire's brain.

It rewrites your unconscious self-image that you can't do it.

During study

Super Brain

This is an audio source that will enhance your learning effectiveness in order to improve your grades and develop your learning efficiency.

It contains affirmations that unconsciously increase your motivation to learn.

Drawing on the board

Psycho Vision

This is a sound source that strengthens the entrepreneurial mindset and foresight to realize the future you envision. It will subconsciously improve your next choice.


Interview for your business concept

From the Wellbeing/Education/Agriculture industry, we propose/offer the best plan and quotation(Online available)

In the studio

We create a custom-made GST sound source


Selection of Mozart music (approximately 60 minutes)

You can choose from three different music styles: Active, Balance, and Relax.

You can make your original one in combination with six GST sound sources.

Young Designers

Design and packaging


It will be your original CD using GST's sound source, so you will be able to build your own product including the brand name.


We will produce and deliver the products at our partner factory.

We handle everything from CD production to delivery in-house.

Scenes from the study session

Enhanced sales promotion support

Even after delivery of the product, we will help you with sales promotion by holding study sessions for new information and GST promotion. (Online available)

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