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Case studies

Effects of MOZART GST on the default mode network of the central nervous system

Yuki Ueda, UNI H&H Institute

Nakano Neurosurgery Clinic


To verify whether MOZART GST has an effect on the amygdala and default mode network of the brain, we conducted human clinical trials, collected data, and analyzed the data using fMRI of the brain under the supervision of Dr. Nakano, vice director of Nakano Neurosurgery Clinic, and clinical laboratory technician Dr. Okuda.

The number of papers on the default mode network, including research into meditation, is increasing, and it is now understood that when activity levels decrease, the brain and body become less prone to fatigue.

A single adult male was given a before and after test with and without listening to MOZART GST. Analysis was performed on the medial frontal cortex to measure the activity of the amygdala and default mode network.

The results showed that after listening to MOZART GST, the change in network connectivity in the left amygdala was very small, but there was a change in the right amygdala. In addition, the network connectivity of the left and right hippocampus was reduced, suggesting the possibility that emotional memories may be fading.

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